Cannaluxe And Neiman Marcus Make QR Codes The Height Of Fashion With Connected TV Campaign

QR codes are not new. A long way from it, they’ve been around for pretty much twenty years. Brands, media organizations and advertisement tech organizations generally attempted to get them going, however without any result: purchasers were confounded by how to utilize them and additionally cared very little about figuring out how.

The pandemic changed all that however, as eatery menus (in addition to other things) utilized QR codes and, on the off chance that not universal, the codes had become normal.

So “normal” that upscale retail chain Neiman Marcus chose to utilize them as a feature of their new shoppable Connected TV (CTV) crusade with CBD skincare brand Cannaluxe (previously Cannuka Luxe) which drove in excess of 150,000 customers to a remarkable greeting page on

The general mission produced 10 million impressions across premium CTV administrations including ESPN, FX, AMC, Food Network, Bravo, and HGTV.

Progressed QR code innovation from Flowcode was installed into the ads, which had a 96% consummation rate and a 4% active clicking factor. And keeping in mind that that 4% number could seem like a lot, it is almost 400% higher than the normal active visitor clicking percentage on Facebook.

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